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Apple is launching an OLED iPad Pro with advanced storage capacity

Rumors in the U.S. regarding an OLED iPad Pro launch are widespread, and this tablet could offer impressive storage capacities that will leave its users speechless.

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Since Apple is scheduled to unveil their long-awaited update of their cutting-edge iPad at least sometime next year, speculations regarding any potential upgrades or modifications that might come as part of this latest version, OLED display and an upgrade from an M2 chip to M3 have both been widely speculated. Still, one particularly captivating rumor has caught everyone’s imagination: no cameras!

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According to this rumor, Apple could soon introduce an OLED iPad Pro featuring top-of-the-line storage capacity that doubles that of current models – potentially offering 4 T.B. storage options! If this rumor proves correct, Apple could unveil its OLED iPad Pro as early as 2024!

Naver, a Korean blog, published information provided by user yeux1122 that appears to indicate Apple will introduce 4-terabyte storage options with their following iPad Pro lineup. According to them, this insight came from information sourced within Apple’s supply chain; however, their report didn’t offer more insight regarding this source and their specific place within that web of supply chains.

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Accordingly, reports regarding Apple’s impending OLED iPad Pro launch in the USA are creating great anticipation among tech enthusiasts and fans alike. If the speculation regarding 4 T.B. storage proves accurate, this could mark a breakthrough for mobile device storage capacity – setting new standards across mobile device markets worldwide. All eyes are now set firmly upon them as we eagerly anticipate further details and official announcements about this highly-anticipated release from them.



  1. Apple is rumored to be launching an OLED iPad Pro with advanced storage capacity in 2024. According to reports, the new iPad Pro will have a 12.9-inch OLED display and will be available in storage capacities of up to 4TB. This would be a significant increase from the current iPad Pro, which has a maximum storage capacity of 2TB.


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