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Global Tensions And The Workforce Will Be Transformed By AI In 2024, According To Predictions

With 2024 approaching, the experts anticipate significant changes triggered through Artificial Intelligence (AI). From political tensions in the Middle East to workforce shifts, AI will change the world in many ways.

1. Geopolitical Impact:

AI regulation could be a significant geopolitical concern, and leaders such as President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak claim to be the pioneers of AI regulation. It will be about the protection of companies that are successful AI firms that are deemed to be strategic assets. This will lead to a clash between the AI security lobby pushing regulations and the accelerators advocating the openness of AI models. This will likely be a significant political issue following incidents like Samuel Altman and the OpenAI controversy.

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2. Divergent Approaches:

It is evident that the US, UK, and EU are pursuing different methods for AI regulations, which has resulted in inconsistent “AI rulebooks.” The UK insists on playing safe, while the US is focused on specific risks such as cyber-attacks and false information. In contrast, the EU uses an administrative categorization method to assess AI risks. By 2024, the rules will likely be tightened and catch companies that need robust technology for data that can support AI technology off guard.

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3. Business Integration:

Businesses are increasingly set to adopt AI integration and looking for valuable applications to create results. Companies equipped with more excellent knowledge of their data will provide highly personalized experiences to customers and their workforce. CEO for Lenovo Solutions & Services Group, Linda Yao, envisions creating learning, work, and other adventures based on the individual’s patterns, past data, and personal preferences with more accuracy and efficacy.

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4. Reskilling Priority:

Contrary to concerns about lost jobs, the focus in 2024 will be training and upgrading. Farley Thomas, the CEO of Manageable, believes that AI poses a threat to managers responsible for managing production and processes. High-value work involved explicitly in human-centric tasks such as management is likely to coexist with AI. The focus will be on AI as a co-pilot in complex human tasks.

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5. AI in Traditional Software Startups:

AI integration is expected to extend beyond traditional software startups due to the shift toward profit. John Frizelle, CTO of Sure Valley Ventures, predicts integrating AI into traditional software startups to lower operational costs and increase profitability. While consumer-facing AI products will continue to be the top priority for startups, those that focus on intricate integrations, transforming how businesses operate, are likely to emerge as real winners.

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