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Mazda CX-90 Review 2024: A Good Alternative to Luxury SUVs

Mazda’s CX-90 three-row crossover marks its entry into upscale markets. While traditional competitors such as Toyota and Honda typically target buyers who would consider luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Acura or Audi as potential luxury options; Mazda instead targets this niche audience directly through a three-row model offering lower pricing as well as superior driving dynamics compared to similarly equipped luxury models.

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This vehicle is no mere upgrade of Mazda’s current CX-9; rather, the CX-90 represents a brand-new experience featuring an entirely new platform, straight-six engine and mild hybrid system – along with other innovations like plug-in hybrid versions equipped with four cylinder engines coupled with electric motors for plug-in hybrid use and boasting 17.8kWh batteries for longer driving range.

The CX-90 stands out as an exciting entry into the large crossover class, boasting impressive specs and competitive pricing that should appeal to fans of both Honda and BMW alike.

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What’s New:

The CX-90 utilizes Mazda’s all-new longitudinal architecture, featuring its first straight six engine as well as their initial mild hybrid system and plug-in hybrid option – two firsts for them both!

Interior Upgrade: The CX-90’s upgraded interior represents an obvious upgrade over its CX-9 predecessor, featuring imaginative fabric placement for an elevated experience.

Pros: Outstanding Interior: With its spacious seating arrangements and inviting cabin layout, the CX-90 provides an inviting driving experience.

Cons: With no Smooth Straight-Six Engine to Provide an Enjoyable Ride: While its straight six engine offers a comfortable drive, and provides great value in its class; some anticipated features remain absent and need to be found elsewhere.

Start-Stop Calibration Needs Improving: The start-stop system needs refining. Large Dimensions: The CX-90 stands out as being unusually large in size.

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Performance, Engine & Horsepower:

The CX-90 offers two engine choices to its buyers – either a straight six with mild hybrid system, or full plug-in hybrid technology. The former produces 323hp while turbocharged straight six engines produce either 280 or 340 hp depending on trim level selection.

At test drives, Mazda’s straight-six engine proved more than capable of quickly propelling their nearly 5000-lb SUV through highway passing maneuvers with smooth power delivery and quick and seamless shifting from an eight-speed automatic transmission designed by them.


The CX-90 earned an average fuel economy score of 24 miles per gallon while driving on city and highway roads; which is respectable but not exceptional; though hybrid versions could possibly offer improved mileage performance.

Mazda vehicles have long been recognized for providing an enjoyable driving experience, and the continues this legacy. Despite being more than 200 inches long and over 200 inches wide, its handling resembles that of smaller vehicles; with well-weighted steering that offers precise control. Ride quality was generally smooth; though 21″ wheels on some test models led to some bumpiness on rough terrain surfaces.

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Overall, Mazda’s CX-90 marks a key step forward as part of its strategy to become a premium brand. Boasting an entirely new platform and engine combination that are perfectly tailored to compete against more up market offerings; making this crossover appealing to mainstream SUV as well as luxury SUV buyers looking for performance, style, and value.



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