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How To Become An Amazon Affiliate: A Step-by-Step Guide

Finding out how to be an Amazon affiliate lets you advertise your favorite product. Affiliate links can be shared on hyperlinks on different platforms like podcasts, social media blog sites, websites and much more.

Every sale you generate through the links you use earns you a small commission. Learn how to register for Amazon associate marketing.

Simple Sign-Up Procedures to Join Amazon Associates Initiating your journey to becoming an Amazon affiliate starts with signing up to become an Amazon Associate. Take these steps:

  • Go to for more information on the Amazon Associates website.
  • At the top of the screen, click on “Sign Up” in yellow “Sign Up” button.
  • Include your payment information, name, number and your business or home address.
  • Tap “Next” following the input of the information above.

How to Become an Amazon Online Seller

When your account is to go live, look for methods to earn money on Amazon, as detailed in an additional guide following the completion of this guide.

Keeps Signing Up Before beginning to engage in Amazon affiliate marketing, it is necessary to provide the following details:

Add Mobile and Websites Add Mobile Apps and Websites. Inform Amazon of the places where you plan to distribute your affiliate links. Once you have entered your initial details, you will find the area titled “Your Websites and Mobile Apps.”

  • Include social media or website accounts on which you plan to utilize Amazon affiliate hyperlinks.
  • Choose “Next” after adding at least one hyperlink, and verify if your site has a specific focus on minors.

What is Amazon Marketing?

Setting Up your Amazon Associates Profile Before completing the application process, you must create an account. Some of the most crucial areas on the next page are:

  • Type of content that you write.
  • Your website’s nature.
  • Pick a store’s ID, enter the CAPTCHA and then specify what you have learned about this affiliate program.

You’re almost ready to promote Amazon products when this page is completed. If the content you’re promoting is suitable and accepted into the program, your acceptance will likely be easy.

Inputting Your Payment Information When you sign up for Amazon Associates, it requires entering a payment method for commissions. Take these steps:

  • Log into Your Amazon Associates account, click on your email account, then click “Account Setting.”
  • “Payment and Tax Information,” click “Payment and Tax Information,” Select “Change the Payment Method.”
  • Choose “Bank account” > Open the bank account of your choice” Enter your details.
  • When you’ve submitted your payment data and tax details, you can update them by going to “Account Settings > Payments as well as Tax Information” > Review/Send Tax Details.”

There are times when the Amazon Associates website may not be responsive. You can try restarting your browser or using an alternative one.

Create and Share Affiliate Links After signing in, you can promote products by posting affiliate links and creating them. There are three kinds of affiliate links.

  • Text
  • Text and Image
  • Image

These steps will help you create and share affiliate links.

  • Register on Amazon by using the Amazon account linked to your affiliate profile.
  • Look up the item you wish to endorse, and then click it.
  • Use the Site Stripe banner at the top of the page to select which affiliate link type you want to associate with.
  • Cut and copy the URL or code, then share it on your website.

To those who are who are joining Amazon Associates to start an online company, read these top strategies for success.

Analyzing Your Data The ability to monitor your analytics is essential to ensure your long-term success as an Amazon affiliate. Check your 30-day analytics by scrolling down the home page and viewing an overview of your total clicks, revenue, and more.

Amazon affiliate program requirements: Before being an Amazon affiliate, make sure you comply with the following essential requirements:

Minimum Sales You need to make at minimum three sales within 180 days to keep your account running. The idea of waiting until you’ve got the support of an audience is a standard practice. However, signing up before the deadline gives you real-world experience and a boost of motivation.

Affiliate Link Disclaimers: If you share affiliate links, include an acknowledgement of the disclaimer where you post the links. Indicate your participation with Amazon Associates. Amazon Associates program in your site’s footer and your privacy policies.

Increase Your Income by becoming an Amazon Affiliate. Now that you know the steps to becoming an Amazon affiliate, you have the details required to register and begin your learning journey.



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