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Here Are 9 Effective Solutions Earn Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing?

Are You Thinking about Earning Online Income through Affiliate Marketing on YouTube? Affiliate marketing can be an ideal way to do just that, and YouTube provides an ideal starting point. By promoting products you love that will appeal to a wider audience, affiliate marketers can earn commission from every sale they help facilitate – an attractive potential source of extra cash flow!

YouTube boasts an enormous audience that you can tap to influence people all around the globe into buying products through affiliate marketing on YouTube. Here is all that is necessary for success with affiliate marketing on YouTube:

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What Is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

YouTube Affiliate Marketing (or Affiliate Link Sharing on YouTube or Video Affiliate Marketing on Vimeo) allows video creators to generate income by providing affiliate links for products or services they recommend in their videos, usually found within the video description below each video. For it to work effectively, affiliate marketplaces like Share A Sale or Click Bank allow affiliate marketers like themselves to recommend specific items within your videos using such strategies as this.

Affiliate marketing on Instagram works similarly, except you customize the platform: you create, build, and run it yourself!

Product reviews, tutorials, and links to specific affiliate marketing programs remain unchanged, except you do it via YouTube videos – earning commission from purchases through your link remains the same!

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Let’s now delve deeper into how to monetize YouTube channels for profit.

How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is an incredible platform with over two billion monthly active users – here are a few options on how you could monetize it and earn some serious dough:

Selling Your Merchandise

Your brand or channel might offer merchandise for sale, such as T-shirts and stickers with its brand on them – these can help build awareness among viewers who follow you or follow along your channel. However, to do this successfully, you require an established following.

Join the YouTube Partner Program

This program gives you extra features and ways to earn money, including splitting ad revenue with YouTube. Brands might even contact you about product placement opportunities or endorsement deals if your channel attracts an extensive following.

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Get Paid Affiliate Opportunities

Your channel could become an affiliate partner for brands relevant to its niche or content area, taking advantage of opportunities in industries or mediums related to it.

Crowd fund Your Channel

Various crowd funding options, such as Patron or licensing your content outside of YouTube, enable you to fund the creation and expansion of YouTube content. Your followers and supporters fund your creativity so you can invest more in creating YouTube-specific videos and channels.

How Much Do You Tubers Earn? Each You Tuber makes different amounts based on various factors; here’s what some analysts are reporting for 2019/2022:

Number of views Subscribers Advertiser rates Ad clicks Ad quality Use of ad blockers

Video length

All these variables contribute to You Tuber earnings in different ways – some make millions annually while others cover expenses, although most will fall somewhere in between.

YouTube can be an extremely lucrative career if done successfully; each year, the number of channels earning over $100,000 increases by 40%. In 2021, Breast became the highest-earning You Tuber, earning an astonishing $54 Million!

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What Do You Tubers Make Per View

On average, You Tubers typically earn between $0.01 to $0.03 for every view with ads; that means every 1,000 views could yield roughly $18 in earnings – according to Forbes, this could even increase to $5 for top talent You Tubers!

These figures may seem minimal at first glance; however, with enough views, they can quickly add up to significant earnings for You Tubers – for instance, a million-view video could earn that person $5,000 just from ads alone!

Remember, these figures are estimates; actual earnings depend on factors like frequency and type of ads on YouTube channels. Still, this gives an approximate idea of You Tubers’ earnings potential per 1000 views.



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