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Keys to the Game: 3 things that will help Bears beat Vikings

The Bears (3-8) are gearing up for a showdown with the Minnesota Vikings (6-5) at U.S. Bank Stadium, and here are three critical strategies that could tip the scales in their favor:

(1) Taming the Blitz: A Mental Chess Match

Facing the Vikings’ relentless blitzing, offensive coordinator Luke Getsy acknowledges the challenge. With a blitz rate soaring at 54.8%, the highest since the 2019 Ravens, the Bears aim to outsmart Minnesota’s dynamic defense. Learning from past mistakes, quarterback Justin Fields emphasizes mental precision, expecting the unexpected. As Getsy notes, the Vikings’ fluid game plans keep opponents guessing, demanding adaptability.

Pro Tip: Fields boasts an 88.8 passer rating against blitzes this season, showcasing resilience in high-pressure situations.

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(2) Dobbs Under Pressure: Bears Aim to Disrupt

With Kirk Cousins sidelined, the Bears target Joshua Dobbs, a dual-threat quarterback making waves. Dobbs, impressive in leading comebacks, demands a vigilant defense. Cornerbacks coach Jon Hoke admires Dobbs’ mobility and intelligence, acknowledging the stress on defenses. The Bears, fresh from a four-takeaway game, eye more disruptions against Dobbs, who has shown vulnerability with fumbles.

Pro Tip: Dobbs leads the league in fumbles (14) and lost fumbles (7), a golden opportunity for the Bears’ takeaway prowess.

(3) Mastering the Finish: Mental Toughness Prevails

Learning from their recent heartbreak against the Lions, the Bears focus on finishing strong. Coach Matt Eberflus emphasizes a resilient mentality and flawless execution in critical moments. Despite a commanding lead slipping away, the Bears are determined to rectify their mistakes. Eberflus underlines the importance of a solid mindset, execution, and playmaking to seal the deal.

Pro Tip: The Bears aim to replicate their stellar performance from October 15, showcasing a stout defense against the Vikings.

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As the Bears brace for the Vikings, these keys serve as their strategic arsenal, unlocking the path to victory in this NFC clash.



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